Bento #14 & #15: Shakey Tooth Bento & Cold Noodle Bento

Shaky tooth Bento for her – Hotdog

Shakey Tooth Bento

Butter roll buns, hot dog (unhealthy, just trying to clear stock), fruit loops, flower marsh
Anyone sees the shaky “tooth”? Hee hee 😛 Still giving her bite size food, just so she can eat without pain. Oops! I forgot the nose 😛

And for him, Cold Noodle Bento. (Z is not a fan of Cha Soba)

Cold Noodles (for him)

He loves cold noodle, which was why I prepared something else for her. The ice is underneath the noodles, inside 2 layers of plastic bag. The whole box put into a thermal bag, to retain the coldness as much as possible.



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