Another batch of Bento Stuffs!!!!

My new batch of loot from 3 different sources within the span of 1 week 😛  Jmama, a Hello Kitty shop near my daughter’s school and Daiso!!!

Don’t dare to count how much in total I have already spent on Bento 😛 It’s becoming more than providing healthy food for the kids 😛 HEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!

Oh, in case you are wondering what’s the Hello Kitty mat for. My gal and her good friend always sit on the floor to eat. So it’s for both of them to sit on. Still trying to figure out how to fold it into her lunch bag 😛  Don’t even know if she will even bring the school.  Well, only cost me S$2!!!  Buy first 😛

And oh, btw, Daiso in Singapore now carries some made-in-Japan Sanrio stuffs!!!!   The smaller Shinkansen fork and spoon, and the Hello Kitty mat are all from Daiso at S$2 each!!!!  Steal!!!!  There are other Sanrio stuffs, but my self-control was pretty good yesterday 😛

2011-07-23 17.12.33



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6 responses to “Another batch of Bento Stuffs!!!!

  1. FH

    Hi5! I wanted to give them a mat to sit on but thought might be too big/time consuming for them to fold and keep. So I cut into 1/4 and let them put lunchboxes instead 😛 My dream is that they can really enjoy their picnic on the grass patch/field! Hee hee.. 然后带动这股校园野餐风! 😛

  2. ezmum

    OHHHHHHH So fun!!!!!
    Yes, I saw the little mat you packed for them. Thank you so much for the thought. Great thinking.
    I didn’t really see how both ‘picnic’ under the ‘botak tree’ till this week when I went to school. It’s really great that you brought the mat for them to put their food 🙂

  3. FH

    Dont mention 🙂 Thank you too for buying the mat! I thk they’ll be thrilled when they get to use that 🙂

    Haha they really having great fun! Did you happen to snap a pic of them? Do email me if you have 🙂

    • ezmum

      I didn’t snap a pic!!!! 😦 Cos they were watching the show at the Recess Ministry room, didn’t want to disrupt them.
      Didn’t put the mat into my gal’s bag. Still trying to figure out. Like you mentioned, quite a hassle to fold and keep.

  4. FH

    Hee it’s okie! I haven’t got to see how they’re doing but my dd tells me they sit on the branch/roots of the tree. 🙂

  5. ezmum

    hahaha, they both so funny and cute la. :)

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