Bento #48 : Busy Buzzy Farm Bento

My original idea was just the bee, flowers and family of ducks.

My dear daughter, saw the fruits with animal picks on the opposite ends started telling story about the animals playing tug-o’-war, and asked if I can add a rope in. And here is, I had some time, started looking for my baking string, tied the ropes, and ta-ta! But no time to add a ‘flag’ in the middle of the rope.

Looks like the piggy and rabbit team is winning 😉  Oh, and her story continues:  the game was well until the giant buzzy bee came and frightened everyone away!

With my girl’s partnership, really enjoyed today’s bento making 🙂 Boy’s is similar. But no tug-o’-war.

Oh, food: Cupcakes that the kids baked yesterday 🙂 They did 95% of the baking.

Bee’s heart-shape wing idea : credit Mothering Corner’s Bumble Bee Bento

Note: Scroll right below to read some bento tip that I have learned along the way 🙂


Busy Buzzy Farm Bento

Busy Buzzy Farm Bento

His:  For the boy, I didn’t dare put too many floral picks, lest he be teased by his friends.

Busy Buzzy Farm Bento for him

Busy Buzzy Farm Bento for him

A little note about bento preparation:

I realised that it is easier to do up the frills first, than decorate. Like here:

I put the cupcakes in with the ‘grass’ first.

Cupcakes in first, followed by "grass"

Cupcakes in first, followed by "grass"

Then put the other treats.

The treats are next

The treats are next

Decorated the bee, and finally put in all the picks. I used to decorate first than put in all the stuff, but the decorating risk being destroyed.
(Closer look of the bee.)

Closer look of the bee

Closer look of the bee


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