Bento #50, #51 : Chick Family Bento and Everything Hello Kitty Bento

Bought “Fa Gao”  and originally planned to have the kiddos pack to school.  But but but but, my dear daughter prefers to bring something less troublesome, cause she finds it a hassle to dip the cake in sugar.  SOOOOO, here it is, 2 different bentos for 2 different kids 😦 (cause I ran out of bread to pack sandwich for my son.)

Haiz…. and sooooooooo, I was in quite a rush even though I woke up at 5am.

Anyway, here they are:

For her : Everything Hello Kitty (the egg too small, so it didn’t turn out that nicely.  Lesson learnt, such egg mold need big eggs.

Food for her : Nutella sandwich, hardboiled egg for the bus, raspberries and blueberries, and waffle cookies for treat.

I’m amazed how picks can instantly spice up the bento.  I last minute added the ribbons onto the sandwich, and the whole box looked more cheery instantly!

Everything Hello Kitty Bento

Everything Hello Kitty Bento

For him : Chick Family Bento

Food for him : “Fa Gao”, quail egg, raspberries and blueberries, and waffle cookies.  The yellow chick container contains the sugar for the cake.

Does the side of the cake looks like the wings? 😉 😛  A little bit la hor? ;P

Chick Family Bento

Chick Family Bento


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