Of Picks and Little Tiny Tools

This is a follow up to my previous post about how I organise my bento tools.  This time it’s about the picks and little tiny cutters.

Remember this drawer 2 where I place my lunchboxes, lunch bags, picks, etc?

My drawer 2

My drawer 2

Here’s a closer look at the picks, and small cutters.

My picks and small cutters

My picks and small cutters

I bought the 2 containers from Daiso. (measure 23cm by 14.5cm)  Each box has 4 compartments.  These 2 boxes give me 8 compartments which are enough for me to sort and group my picks up into different types, leaves and flowers, animals, boys’ themes, girls’ themes, flags, misc, etc.  That solved my picks.

On small cutters, they used to be like this:  (oops, what’s those pandan leaves doing there?  To drive away cockroaches.)

Small cutters used to be arranged this way

Small cutters used to be arranged this way

I realised it was bad cause it was difficult for me to find my alphabets cutters, and to find the specific cutters.  Even harder for me to know what I have and do not have.

Now I organised the following way, so that I can see clearly and easily all the things I have, and easily find what I need.  It helps that the tiny cutters can be nested, so that saved quite a lot of space. 🙂  But not all the tiny cutters are here though.  I have some special ones in another drawer.  😛

Small cutters

Small cutters

And there they are, my picks and tiny cutters 🙂


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