Bento #59 : Simple Pesto Pasta Bento and Madeleine Bento for her

Today’s bento has no theme.  This is a very very busy week, and I was so busy yesterday that I had no time to plan today’s menu for kids.  So I just put whatever that crossed my mind.

Food for both are different, cause my gal want to bring snack food.  But for him, since it’s a long day in school, I want to pack a heavy bento.

Food for him : Pesto Pasta with broccoli, Taiwan sausage, cherries, and waffle cookies.

You will rarely see me pack sausage for my kids, so this is one of the rare time.)  And what’ character is the sausage suppose to be?!?!   몰라!!!  I don’t know!!!  (I’m learning Korean, so trying to use it as much as I can :P)

Simple Pesto Pasta Bento for him

Simple Pesto Pasta Bento for him

And for my gal:

Food: Madeleine, Taiwan sausage, cherries, snake gummies

She and her friend simply love play snakes, snakes, snakes!!!  (Just like her Gu-Gu!!!)

A very simply decorated bento.  Just picks and barans.

Madeleine Bento

Madeleine Bento

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