Shopped again

Oh dear, someone has to stop me!!!!  Whenever I go shopping, I just can’t help but to look at those cute little bento boxes, cups, picks, etc etc.  And so, a few dollars here, and a few dollars there, and quite a big few dollars from a website.  I HAVE TO STOP SHOPPING!!!!

(But to justify, I’m not against branded stuffs, neither am I against those who do.  Since I don’t go for branded, I do have spare dollars to indulge myself in some little little shopping right? :P)

Ok, so what have I been getting?

First up, most recently, from various places, online, Daiso, Sanrio, little cutie shops, etc…  I’m not going to talk about all.  Instead, I will just highlight those I love, from left to right:

Shopping again

Shopping again

Hello Kitty Towel Container

See that container with a towel inside and a cap above?  I love this!  Little towel holder.  I wet daughter’s clean handkerchief, and use this container to keep it.  So she brings this everywhere she goes, and have clean wet towel to use after her recess.  But why?  Cause pimples have been sprouting around her mouth!!!  A sign of uncleaned mouth 😛  Got it from a shop near daughter’s school.


The Shinkansen round boxes are just great to hold the soba sauce for son to pack his favourite Cha Soba to school!

As for the rectangular Hello Kitty box, it was on offer, S$10 only!!! Ai yo, how to resist?  Comes with a mini-ice pack too!!!  And, made in Korea!!! (I have a preference for Japan/Korea’s product :P)  Bought a similar one for gal’s good friend and picnic buddy in school.  No more pink when I went back to the shop, had to get blue for her instead.  Also good, can differentiate between the girls. 🙂

Nori Punchers

I bought a set of nori punchers previously, and I’m so sad that they don’t work well. Motheringcorner suggested that I try the Kai and the shoe series, saying that they are a brisk to use.  I have yet to try them, will give a review when I do.

Heart-shape Maki Maker

That’s the pink thing under the picks.  Saw it online and decided to try.  I have only used it once to make my Mouse Bento.  Need to practise more.

Rilakkuma Cups

Rilakkuma Cups

I saw these Rilakkuma Bento cups from a shop at Raffles City (same level as Paper Maker)!  Ain’t they cute?!?!  😛  (Or am I simply obsessed?! :P)

Wanted to share more about another batch that I bought 2 months back but didn’t post.  I’m just too sleepy now.  Maybe next time.



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3 responses to “Shopped again

  1. FH

    Hi Ezmum
    My gal loves the lunchbox, and blue happens to be one of her fav colours too! She loves the icepack best! Hahaha 🙂

  2. FH

    Forgot to add, thank you so much for the gift! 🙂

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