Old batch of shopping

These are the old batch of stuffs that I bought from the Jmama that I didn’t had time to update here.

Short review on the nori punchers

I don’t like the punchers.  But the Jmama boss said got to use it more to season it.  Hmmm, since I have already bought it, I will try.  But personally, I don’t recommend that series.  I will have another proper post on puncher review when I have the time,

The animal containers

Oh, I looooooove those!!!!!  Somehow, I always end up using one of them in all the lunchboxes I prepare.  The pig and panda ones are pretty leak proof.  But the chick one leak a little.  Perhaps it’s because I didn’t close properly?  What’s even better is that they always brighten up the box instantly!  This is something I strongly recommend for those who need little containers in their bentos.


The green, yellow and pink stuffs are cutters.  I bought them because I of the arms 😛  The pink cutter has cutter for arms. 🙂

Hello Kitty Rice molds, cutter and punchers

While the rice molds and cutters are great, I won’t say the same about the punchers.  They are difficult to use, simply can’t get the whiskers nicely.  😦
Flower rice molds

The pink container on the left hand side is a floral rice mold.  Haven’t tried it yet 😛

My 3rd batch from Jmama

My 3rd batch from Jmama

They came like that

They came like that

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