Bento #60 : National Day Bento

It will be our National Day tomorrow!!!  Inline with the celebration mood, my gal has a National Day Bento today!!  Son finishes school by 10am, so he doesn’t need to pack food.  Great! More time for me to focus on gal’s.

Here it is:

Food : Nutella sandwich, gummies to share and cherries.

Made the flags out of old flag picks that spoiled.  Now I know what to do with all those old flag picks that spoiled.  Keep them and make our own flags 😉  One and only 😉 🙂

Daughter commented that she doesn’t have brown hair. Kee kee, that’s true, but it’s ok right?   Learned from fellow bento mamas at Facebook’s EZ Bentos group to use breadcrumbs.  I thought that’s a great idea.  Reuse crumbs, while at the same time, save nori 🙂

This is our first time using this bento Hello Kitty lunchbox.  🙂  Just nice for a short school day. 🙂  Wonders if her good friend also using it today :).

National Day Bento

National Day Bento



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4 responses to “Bento #60 : National Day Bento

  1. FH

    Yes yes, she used it tdy 🙂

  2. ezmum

    Yup, heard from my gal 🙂 N my gal said they look even more like twins now!!! kee kee kee… 😉

  3. FH

    Hahaha so cute! R was just telling me that last time their teachers got them mixed up when Z was still spotting long hair! 🙂

  4. ezmum

    ya ya, Z told me the same too. 🙂

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