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I’m bad at sale for clothing.  I hate groping though piles of clothes and stuffs just to look for the one I like or my size.  But but but… I just found out on Sunday that when it comes to bento tools, lunch boxes, etc, I simply can sniff them out from a distant!!! 😛

Yes, I went shopping again.  Or rather, shopping caught up with me.  Happened to walk by JL, and they were having Sanrio mini sale!!!!  Ai yo, how to resist!!?!?!??

Here’s the loot 😛 :  Lunch bag (again?!  I have a reason for this!  And I shall explain shortly :P), lunch boxes (again?!  same, really good deal), handkerchief (huh?!?!) and water bottle (now that I use smaller handbag, I need a smaller water bottle).

From Sanrio Sale @ JL

From Sanrio Sale @ JL


Just look! It’s a thermal bag, and I can fit my gal’s water bottle, lunchboxes (yes, ‘es’), her handkerchief container, and even the picnic mat!!!   Which is certainly the best part!

She can carry or sling it.  Like today, she didn’t need to carry her usual big school bag, so she slung it.  On other days, she can just carry it.  With water bottle here, her school bag can be lighter.  🙂



Keroppi Sandwich box @ S$ 2.95

Isn’t it a steal? Collapsible sandwich section for easy storage, comes with fork and elastic band.  Whats the catch?  Well, it’s made in the country which has quite a fair bit of manufacturing issue with their food and stuffs.  Will take my necessary precaution when using it.  It’s certainly not for those who are bothered by the manufactured country.

Keroppi Lunchbox

Keroppi Lunchbox

Hello Kitty lunchbox @ S$ 6.95

Prefer something made in Japan?  This is it!  At this price, I thought it’s a steal for Sanrio’s made in Japan lunchbox.  Don’t care how many boxes I already have la! 😛  Well, with 2 layers and a movable divider, worth it la!  😛

Hello Kitty Lunchbox

Hello Kitty Lunchbox from JL Sanrio Fair

My Melody handkerchief @ 4.95 (original S$ 13.95)

This is for ME, not for my gal 😛  I just love the hemming and the flowers that are sewn on.  Love the details.  🙂  Must post this pic of bigger size.  😛

My Melody Handkerchief

My Melody Handkerchief

Sigh…. I’m terrible right?!?!  Totally guilty for shopping again 😦


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