Bento #63: A French Crepe Bento

Since Monday is a everybody come home for lunch day, I have decided to pack lighter food for their recess bento.  Likely will be something non-bread, something I make on Sunday.  Cakes, pancakes, muffin, etc.  Today, it’s Crepe.

And so, as I planned the bento, started to search on French dessert, and I found macaron!!!  Didn’t know that macaron is a French dessert (well, not exactly, google to find out why).   Here we have, a French Bento.

Food: Crepe (Nutella, ham and cheese), macaron, blueberries, sausage.

Was trying to stack the crepes to look like Eiffel Tower, and this French bento ain’t complete without the flag of France. 😉

Bon Appétit!!!

French Crepe Bento

French Crepe Bento

To save time, crepe was done on Sunday night and kept in the fridge.  Heated it up over the pan this morning before adding the fillings.

French Crepe

French Crepe


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