Bento #64 #65 : Teriyaki Fish Bento and Sister My Melody Bento

Tuesday Tuesday = proper meal bento day. It’s a under the sea theme for him.

Under the Sea Bento

Food: Teriyaki Salmon, Rice molded as fish and also wrapped in nori as the seabed, quail eggs also became a little baby fish, and french beans (somewhere under the fish, no space, but can catch a tiny glimpse) with just a few blueberries.  Teriyaki sauce in another container.  Oops forgot treats, again!! 😛

I colored the rice using the Rice Coloring sachets I bought from Daiso.  My friend in the bento group said that it makes the rice salty, so I didn’t dare put too much.  At this shade, the rice is already pretty salty. I think I have to go easy on the Japanese Vinegar if I use the colorings.

Underwater Teriyaki Fish Bento

Underwater Teriyaki Fish Bento

For missy….

Sister My Melody Bento

I have made her brother bento to look like the bento box before (remember the Tomica Fire Truck Bento? ), so today, I made her bento to look like her bento box, ie, My Melody Bento.  I told missy that it’s My Melody’s twin sister, but missy said no, cos they don’t look alike. She said they are just sisters.  Haiz… whatever….

So here it is : Sister My Melody Bento for her.

Food: Cinnamon Sugar Sandwich under the ham, blueberries, and cookies in another box for her school bus.

My Melody Bento

My Melody Bento

Say hello to My Melody’s sister 😉 😛

Hello My Melody

Hello My Melody


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