Bento #66: Doraemon and Dorami Bento

Missy is so blessed to have a school van in total pink, and even has a TV screen for the girls to bring a DVD to watch during the journey to school.  These last 2 days, they have been watching Doraemon, so here we go, Doraemon Bento for him and Dorami Bento for her.  🙂

My hand is still not as skillful as many other bento’ers.  Forgive the ‘rough cut’. 🙂

Food: Assorted sandwich according to each of their preference, blueberries and raspberries, marshmallow and tradition local colored cookies as treats.

Here’s his Doraemon Bento

I was experimenting making and coloring egg sheets again.  And found this website with very clear step-by-step instruction on how to make egg sheets.  So all I did after making the eggsheets was to color it in blue coloring for icing.  Oh, in the instruction, she used the whole egg.  To make white egg sheets so that you can color it, just use egg whites will do.  (Read further down about yellow egg sheet)

Doraemon Bento

Doraemon Bento

And here’s her Dorami Bento

Within the piggy container are the cookies.

Dorami Bento

Dorami Bento

Close look of Dorami

This egg sheeet was done with the whole egg, I find it very hard to avoid the white stuffs.  I made another batch with only the yolk, the result was a lot better.   I could have used cheese, but my gal said she doesn’t like that cheese that is of darker yellow.  Haiz…

Make sure to remove the whitish stuff from the egg

Make sure to remove the whitish stuff from the egg


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