Nori / Seaweed Puncher Review

It’s quiet over here these few days.  Kind of a long weekends for the Primary 1 to 5 pupils in Singapore, cause their big sisters and brothers are having their PSLE Oral examinations 🙂  And so, no bentos from me 🙂

Shall take this time to fill up this blog with a review of the nori and seaweed punchers that I have purchased and used so far.  I started bento making not long ago, so my view may not be comprehensive, but just my experience from using them.

I shall just start with my favorite 😛

Pooh and Doraemon Seaweed Punch, plus the Multi-faced Shoe Seaweed Punch

Pooh Doraemon Shoe Seaweed Punchers

Pooh Doraemon Shoe Seaweed Punchers

As recommended by Shoppingmama, I bought the Kai’s Pooh and Doraemon punchers.  I initially had reservation about buying these, cause I thought it’s restrictive to buy stuffs specifically for certain characters.  But Shoppingmama pointed out that the stuffs punched out by these punchers can be used for generic designs too!  And so, I got it, and love it!

These are the easiest to use, and they have a cover that ‘catch’ the nori. That’s really cool. (see picture below.)

Seaweed Puncher Cover

Seaweed Puncher Cover

Like the Pooh and Doraemon punchers, the shoe multi-faced punchers are also extremely easy to use, with a cover that catches the cut nori.

Mini quail egg seaweed punch that came with the quail egg cutters

Mini Seaweed Puncher with the Quail Egg Cutters

Mini Seaweed Puncher with the Quail Egg Cutters

This is also very easy to use.  But no cover to catch the nori.

My reservation is, after using it for a while, it’s not as smooth to punch as it used to be.  Anyone has any tips?

Hapimogu Seaweed Punch available from Daiso

Hapimogu Seaweed Punchers

Hapimogu Seaweed Punchers

The best part about these punchers : cheap.  At Daiso price, they are really a steal.  Which is why this series is no. 3 in my list.

BUT, unfortunately, they are not that easy to use, and they are not lasting.  I have already spoilt two. 😦

However, at S$ 2.00, it is still a good start for bento beginners.  These are my first few tools anyway 🙂

3-in-1 pack facial expression seaweed punch

3-in-1 multi-facial seaweed punchers

3-in-1 multi-facial seaweed punchers

These are total regrets!  They are a pain to use!  Even the Daiso ones are easier to use than these!  Plus, they don’t come cheap! That’s why they are a PAIN. 😦  My friend bought those with animal expressions.  She also complained that they are impossible.

The boss of the online shop I bought these from said I got to just keep pressing them to season it.  Well, I shall try and let’s see if their performances improve.

Between these and the multi-faced shoe punch, the shoe punch has my vote.

Hello Kitty Seaweed Punch

Hello Kitty Seaweed Punchers

Hello Kitty Seaweed Punchers

These came together with the Hello Kitty Bento set.  Another impossible punchers.  I have never gotten all the whiskers successfully.

At least the Hello Kitty Bento set has other things like rice molds and cutters, else, I’m strongly against buying these.

That ends my nori / seaweed punch review, from a user point of view, without any sponsorship from any supplier.  Hope that helps.



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8 responses to “Nori / Seaweed Puncher Review

  1. Celine

    Hai, just knew that your puncher not function as good as from the beginning… I learnt this from my friend too.. Use aluminum foil .. Punch the foil few times.. Make the puncher ” sharp”.. Hope this can help you

    • ezmum

      Hi Celine,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I did try it last time, but didn’t see much improvement. Shall try it again. 🙂

  2. kiyoko

    do u also buy the hello kitty bento set at daiso?

    • ezmum

      Hi kiyoko,
      No, the Hello Kitty set is not from Daiso. They are available from Bento Craft.
      Do note that the puncher is terrible. But I love the rice molds and the cutter.

  3. Sherri

    Does anyone know where I can buy Kai nori punchers? I found one but am looking for more, specifically Pooh and Lilo & Stitch.

    • ezmum

      where are you located Sherri?
      there are a few bento tools seller globally, from Bento Craft in Malaysia, to Allthingsforsale in USA. And of course, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

  4. Hi, where can I get those punchers in Singapore???

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