Bento #69 and #70 : Messy Hair Soba Bento, Hello Kitty and Cathy Bento

Messy Hair Soba Bento for him 😛

Copied the noodle as hair idea from one of the bento blogs. Can’t remember which! Sorry, can’t give proper credit :(.  Will update when I find the link.

Simple bento where pretty tools saved the box!!! 😛

My friend (and blog reader) taught me to freeze the soba sauce, and take it out in the morning, so that the sauce will be cold when the child has the noodle for recess.  That was what I did today. 🙂  Shall ask son how was it later.

Food : Cold Noodle, strawberries, blueberries, Laughing Cow cheese. Garnish inside the chick.

Messy Hair Soba Bento

Messy Hair Soba Bento

Hello Kitty and Cathy Bento for her

Extremely simple bento. Too busy to make charaben. Didn’t even have any idea what to do till I started this morning. One of those days when I didn’t plan.

The trick to using those sandwich ‘stamp’ without flattening the sandwich too much is, only stamp on 1 of the 2 pieces of bread. Don’t stamp on both 🙂

Food: Cinnamon sugar sandwich, berries and Laughing Cow cheese

Hello Kitty and Cathy Bento

Hello Kitty and Cathy Bento

Had better success ‘stamping’ the bread than the last time when I first used it 🙂  Happy with the outcome 🙂

Close-up Stamped Bread

Close-up Stamped Bread


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