Bento #73: Cherry Bento

Hee hee, actually not real cherries :P, but rice balls shaped to look like cherries.  (I have cherries in the fridge, should have added them as fruit!!!)

Due to son’s ulcer, today’s bento is catered to him. Wings de-boned, so easier to eat, rice are bite sized, easier to just pop into the mouth.  This is one reason it’s good to pack food for the children, cause parents know very well what to do to help them eat better.

Today I used normal Jasmine rice to shape the rice balls.  I added sushi vinegar to the pink balls, can see that the shape could hold well.  Rice was cooked last night, so adding any form of liquid probably helps the rice balls to stay.  But forgot to do so for the green rice, can see that they didn’t hold as well.  Rice ball colored using the coloring salt from Daiso.

Food : Rice Balls, chicken baked in Hoi Sin Sauce, fruits, and gummies.

Here’s the Cherry Bento for gal:

Cherry Bento

Cherry Bento

Close up of the cheeky cherries.

Close-up of Cheeky cherries

Close-up of Cheeky cherries


Here’s his:

Cherry Bento for him

Cherry Bento for him


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