Space for my bento tools

My drawers have been invaded by 小黑, aka cockroaches!!! 😦  See all the ‘shit’ they left behind?

Haiz….  I have to find them to clear my kitchen cabinet to find their nest!!!  Eeeeekkkk!!!!!

Cockroach shit!

Cockroach shit!

I have been getting increasingly unhappy with how I used to organize my bento tools too.  Took some time to change!  Now:::

Drawer: Bento boxes
White standalone drawers:  Assorted bento tools
Mini standalone drawers: Picks
Separate containers: Assorted mini-cutters and pre-punched seaweed facial features inside the pill box.

Separate deep drawer: Lunch bags.

Bento Tools' Spaces

Bento Tools' SpacesLunchbag spaces

Lunchbag spaces

Lunchbag spaces

Overall look of my kitchen’s work space:



Shall see how long can this arrangement last. 😉 😛


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