Bento #75 #76 : Angry Bird Pig Bento and My Girl Bento

Bento #75 : My Girl Bento

With my gal recent long fringe hairstyle, I had been wanting to make a bento that looks like her :P. And here it is:
She doesn’t like nori on bread, so I have to use something else for her hair.  Nutella came to my mind since it’s one of her favorite spreads.  Asked her to choose between a crown and ribbon pick, and she chose green ribbon, to match her school’s color.  My nutella a little dry, spells the ugly edges 😦

Food : Nutella sandwich, grapes and Laughing Cow cheese for bus.

My Girl Bento

My Girl Bento

Bento #76 : Angry Bird’s Pig Bento

I can’t be making a gal bento for son right?  Gal and I went to The Icing Room to decorate cake, and we brought back the balanced icing.  Thought it was a great opportunity to use the icing to make some Angry Bird Bento.  But my blue bird doesn’t look like it 😦  It was early morning and I couldn’t remember how they look like exactly!!!  So ended up the eyes are too wide apart 😦

Used the breadcrumbs for the structure 😛

Angry Bird's Pig and Blue Bird Bento

Angry Bird's Pig and Blue Bird Bento



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