Bento #84 : Sunset Bento

My household does not have a family car, but I usually drive my dad’s car whenever he goes overseas.  And we have been driving it these 2 weeks!  But that also means less home-cooked food, cause we keep driving around outdoor.  So today, die die pack dinner for our beach outing.

Also took the opportunity to try out the new Thermos food jar that I bought on discount at Isetan, and wanted to compare it with my Tiger food jar.  Hmmm, apparently, the Tiger food jar could retain heat better actually.

Oh!  What I’m glad is, after today’s dinner, my daughter said she wants to pack fried rice to school too!!!  Even said my fried rice yummier than the fave fried rice from my neighbourhood!!! Made my day!!! 😀

Food : Pineapple fried rice

Sunset Bento

Sunset Bento


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