Ready for next stage of Bento’ing

I’m quite an impatient mum.  Sometimes I think bento’ing is probably a way for me to make it up to my children for all the faults I have.  It’s nice to hear them, especially my fussy eater child, asking and requesting to bring bento to school.  This fussy eater used to ask for only snack food, after our bento by the beach, she has been pestering me to pack the same food for her to school.  (It was pineapple fried rice.)  Excuse for me to shop :P.

Food Jars

Food Jars

Thermal Food Jars

My fellow bento mum and church friend recently told me there was a Thermos offer in Isetan.  And so I went, bought a Thermos food jar at $26 (instead of $46) for my son.  I have a feeling they are trying to clear stock, spells the lower price.  With my gal asking for non-snack bento, I also went to shop for a thermal jar for her.  Unfortunately those Thermos ones do not have girlie designs, and the Dora ones cost $50!!!  No way will I buy a non Japan made product for that price!  (ya, I’m bias :P)  Found the “My Melody” thermal food jar from Sanrio instead 🙂  It’s new!  hee hee.  At $29.95, I’m more willing to spend on it.  Smaller, just nice for my gal. 🙂  Comes in Hello Kitty design too.

Hello Kitty Picks, Sauce Containers and Silicon Cups

I’m wondering if I’m the Hello Kitty fan or my gal. 😛  Found these in Kinokuniya!!! 😀

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