Bento #86 #87 : Udon Bento and Mini Baby Grand Piano Bento

While yesterday was an angry mummy, today mummy is pretty upbeat.  🙂  Well, we received a totally unexpected result for daughter’s piano grading exam.  Even her teacher was surprise.  Besides the hard work from her teacher, my daughter, I can only give 100% credit to the favors and grace of Christ showered upon my dear from daughter.  Yes, I’m proud of her, but she herself know that she doesn’t deserve the grade she was awarded.

So, in celebrity mode, made a Mini Baby Grand Piano Bento for her 🙂

Food : Her fave Cinnamon Sugar Sandwich, Rocher as treat, strawberries for the bus.  Complete with a pack of yoghurt drink.

Having learnt from a friend to freeze the soba sauce, I froze the packs of yoghurt drinks for my kids.  Hopefully they are nicely melted and chilled by their recess time. 🙂

Mini Baby Grand Piano Bento

Mini Baby Grand Piano Bento

Miso Udon Bento for him

For son, he has been looking forward to packing hot food to school!!!  Something I’m very please to hear 🙂  Wanting to save the trouble of packing bowls and this and that, I told him to eat the udon just like the way he eats his soba, ie, use the chopsticks, pick the udon, drop it into the soup,  and eat :P.  Looking forward to hearing his feedback on the hotness of the soup, and how easy it was for him to eat.

Oh!  Where’s the udon?!?! hee hee, under the layer of strawberry, broccoli and egg.  I forgot to display it out while taking picture. 😛

Food : Miso Udon with berries, broccoli, hardboiled egg and yoghurt milk drink.

No decoration.  Lazy 😛

Miso Udon Bento

Miso Udon Bento


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