Bento #93 : Strawberry Shortcake Wannabe Bento and Clown Bento

Strawberry Shortcake Bento for her

Having made the Ferrari Bento for him, to be fair, challenged myself to make a difficult charaben for my gal too.  And it is indeed more difficult than his!!!  Look nothing like Strawberry Shortcake, BUT, it gave me idea to make Candace instead.  However, I think my gal refuse to have me make her 😛

Food : same as yesterday, Cinnamon Sandwich, berries, and quail eggs.  Gal’s coughing, so no Nutella for her.

Strawberry Shortcake Bento

Strawberry Shortcake Bento

Clown Bento for him

We are really making full use of the thermal food jar!!! And it is so good to be able to pack hot food for son!! 😀 Actually I was planning to just do a no frail noodle soup bento for him.  But as I put in the ingredient, the feature started to appear.  Kind of looked silly to me 😛

Food : Claypot Noodle (锅仔面), berries, Rocher.

Clown Bento (Claypot Noodle)

Clown Bento (Claypot Noodle)

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