Bento #95 96: Good Friend bento and Star Wars Bento

Good Friend Bento for her and her good friend

My gal, Z, has a classmate, R, that she gets along very well.  Prior to Z cutting her hair, many thought Z and R are twins.  Both had long hair, dark skin, and both smile with a crescent moon eyes.  And both have unending imagination that can drive both mums crazy, but suit both girs perfectly. 🙂  Really cute girls.

Decided to make 2 sets of bentos today, one for each girl.

Food : Onigiri with Furikake (Furikake at the underside of the onigiri), tamago, tobiko, crabstick, Taiwan sausage, grapes.  Added their favorite snake gummy 🙂

Good Friends Bento

Good Friends Bento

Close-up of the girls :)

Close-up of the girls 🙂

Star Wars Bento for him

Hmmm, nothing that looks like part of the Star Wars, but something out in the space.  Stole the idea from another bento mum in the bento group 😛

Apparently, son likes my Tamago, which is not too sweet.  🙂  He finds the real true Tamago too sweet for his liking.  This is where it is good to learn dishes, change it to suit our taste buds. 😀

Food : About same as gal, but added broccoli and more grapes. Added 2 packs of cheese chips for him and to share.

Star Wars Bento

Star Wars Bento


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