Bento #97 #98 : Rilakkuma Bento and Mushroom Pasta Bento

Rilakkuma Bento for her

Rilakkuma meet Maria, the St Margaret bear 😛 I love both bears 😛

Quite unhealthy food today! :O 😛

Food : Hot dog and luncheon meat buns, and Taiwan sausages. No bus box since I’m picking her from school.

Rilakkuma meet Maria

Rilakkuma meet Maria


Mushroom Pasta Bento for him

Fresh white button mushroom is the ONLY type of mushroom my son eats.

The treats are so cute! Can fit into the box!  Perfect for bento’ers!!!   Actually more expensive to buy like that, but it’s good way to control the amount of treat we give. 🙂  Everyday a small pack of it beats their 1 shot 1 whole box from the canteen!  No treat for gal since she is still recovering from her cough. 😦

Food : Mushroom pasta, fruits, and a mini Meiji’s little treat!


Mushroom Pasta Bento

Mushroom Pasta Bento


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