Bento #99 : Clown Bear Bento and Char Siew Bao Grandma Bento

Clown Bear Bento for him

It’s a raining morning in Singapore now, a hot soup bento is just right for such a weather. 🙂

Food : Macaroni soup, grapes, snake gummies and laughing cow cheese

Clown Bear Bento

Clown Bear Bento

Char Siew Grandma Bento for her

This is kind of funny and strange.  It didn’t started out to be a “Grandma Bento”.  I just wanted to make a girl out of the 2 baos.  But after loading the pics on my notebook, the wrinkled bao’s face kind of look like Ah Ma! 😛 (Grandma)  Hmm, this grandma acting cute with a little red ribbon.  😛  Wonder if  will look like this when I’m old 😛

Food : Char Siew Bao, grapes and snake gummies

Char Siew Bao Bento

Char Siew Bao Bento

Yesterday’s Bento

I overslept yesterday and did a super simple bento for them.  My gal’s didn’t even have any form of decoration. 😛

Food : Sandwich, cheese cookies and grapes.

Normal Sandwich Bento

Normal Sandwich Bento


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