Bento #102 : Sleep Bear Bento

I overslept!!!!  So actually didn’t prepare any bento for kids to bring to school.  But I’m so addicted to making charaben that I die die also must do something.  So made a charaben lunch bento for them instead.  Anyway, my kids usually don’t quite fancy it when I cook typical Chinese lunch with dishes and rice, so I was thinking a pretty lunch may entice them to eat.

True enough, both were really happy with their lunches and enjoyed them very much 🙂

I’m surprise to see the amount of rice my son eats can easily be compressed into those 2 small bears.  Likewise for my daughter.  But the box is too small for son, so there were side dishes for more veg and chicken for him.

2 light color bears cause after putting the chicken’s sauce on the rice, I wasn’t please with the color.  So for daughter’s bear, I added a bit of dark soy sauce.

Oh yes, the bento group’s mamas are crazy over this set of lunchboxes from Daiso!  But they are really cute isn’t it?!  With bag too! 😀

Food : Sesame Ginger Chicken, Tamago, Fried Veg and Rice

Sleepy Bear Bento

Sleepy Bear Bento


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