Bento #104 : Chick Bento

Still have a sachet of yellow food coloring salt from Daiso, so decided to use it to make a check bento.  But the color isn’t bright enough 😦  So light in the picture. 😦

Bento making is really therapeutic.  Something happen in the family, and initially I wanted to give this a miss today.  I’m glad I made.  Felt better after looking at the end result.  Kind of cheered me up and helped to draw my mind away from worry.

As usual, son’s is not as pretty cause I made his first.  After making his, more experience, so daughter’s is prettier.

Food for her : Unagi rice, carrot strips, broccoli, grapes and a pack of chips for school bus.

Chick Bento for her

Chick Bento for her

Food for her : Unagi rice, ham flower, broccoli, grapes and nougats for him.

Chick Bento for him

Chick Bento for him


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