Bento 106 : The Frog Prince Bento

Or is it a “Toad Prince Bento”? 😛

Kind of 1 thing lead to another.  Wanted to make a ‘toad’, but as I put the crowns, the story of The Princess and the Frog came to my mind.  Afterall, the Disney’s rendition of the story has a dark-skinned princess, and my rendition continue the story that the princess became a frog too 😛 (afterall Princess Fiona in The Shrek didn’t stay as a pretty princess, but turned into an Ogre :P)

Food : Assorted Buns, grapes, snake gummes for her, M&Ms for him

Frog Prince Bento

The Frog Prince Bento

Frog Bento

Frog Bento


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