Bento #109 – Rain Bento

It has been raining, and sadly, Thailand is flooded.  Really hope things will settle down there as soon as possible.

Food : Furikake Onigiri mini-balls, teriyaki salmon, tamago, ham flower, broccoli, strawberry, seaweed chicken

I like this bento just the way it is, without too many picks and barans needed.  The colors of the various food and the combination was sufficient.

Wow, looks like a lot of food?  But everything of very small portion.

And with this stainless steel box, I’m wondering what will be the fate of all my other boxes.   Will probably use them for snack, non-hot food, and these stainless steel lunchboxes on warm and hot food.

Rainy Day Bento

Rain Bento

Son had a tummyache and couldn’t go to school. However, I have already prepared for him. Don’t waste, used it as his breakfast.

Rain Bento

Rain Bento



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2 responses to “Bento #109 – Rain Bento

  1. Wow what time do you wake up to prepare food for them??? And where did u get the SS lunchbox? I’m also paranoid about leaching chemicals from plastic containers so I use the glass one but it’s quite dangerous and heavy.

  2. ezmum

    HI Yifarn,

    errr, I normally wake up at 5.15am to get my kids ready for school. First to be up next is son at 5.40am and gal at 6.10am.

    I got the box from a shop call Toppee at Nex Shopping Mall. But I’m organising a spree to get direct from Korea. If you want, you can check out this link, tell me which you want, I order in for you. The page takes a while to load completely. YOu have to wait for it to be fully loaded, scroll down, and you will see the various items. Click on the item you want, copy the URL to me, and I can check the price and the availability for you.

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