Bento #114 – Keroppi Bento


While I’m typing this, it’s 1.34am Singapore time, early Monday morning. So late hor, or rather, so early. Stayed up late to catch Ps Prince’s live broadcast from Houston. Glad that I did. Great preaching. Thank God for a man who preached the perfect love of Christ for us.

Oops, sorry, back to bento 😛 That’s me, daily musing in the midst of bento-talk 😛


Wanted to try my kids out on those green pandan bread.  So glad that they took it well and none complained.  I wonder if they even noticed!  So now I can finally make a green frog!!!  😀

Keroppi Bento for both

Spied that flower sausage? My friend bought the sausage cutter from Japan for me!!!! So happy!!!  Because of the first sausage cutter that I found didn’t work well, really exactly what I’m looking for and been reluctant to buy.  This works pretty good.  🙂 Happy!!!

Food : Sandwich, Tamago, sausage, strawberry, cookie from M&S

Keroppi Bento

Keroppi Bento

Really like transparent covers and how nicely today’s deco matched with the cover. 🙂

Keroppi Bento in Keroppi Lunchbox

Keroppi Bento in Keroppi Lunchbox


And he has a froggy box too! I don’t normally put anything pink in his box. Today sneak the pinkish cheek in. Shall see if he complains later 😛

Kerropi Bento

Kerropi Bento


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