Bento #115 – Meatball and Pasta Bento

It’s just so nice when people go overseas, remember you and buy something that you like for you right?  Esp friends that you really have not had more than a meal together with.  I’m really so so so touched 🙂  So why all these blabbering?! 😛  haha, well, today’s bento has these pre-cut seaweeds that a fellow bento mama bought back for me from Japan.  See, glad right? Touch right?  My heart is melting. 🙂  Thanks T 🙂

Food : Meatball with Ikea’s meatball sauce, pasta, broccoli, carrot stripes, grapes, basically, my usual. 🙂

Shinkansen Design for him

Isn’t it cool?!?! Love it!!!

Shinkansen Bento

Shinkansen Bento

Birdie Design for hers.

There is a Miffy inside too! 😀

Oh, ah girl said she want less of the meatball but more of the broccoli!!!  Weeeeeee, I’m so glad to hear her wanting more vegetable!!! Woo hoo!!!!  Looking at his box, half of it is consist of fruits and veg!!!

Birdie Bento

Birdie Bento


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