Bento #117 – Miffy and Friend Bento and Domo Kun Bento

Food : Homemade Pancakes, berries, and Gummy snake for her,  Laughing Cow biscuit for son.

Domo Kun Bento for him

I really have no idea where does Domo Kun appear from.  Is it famous due to cartoon or???? All I know is that I see a lot of their merchandises around.  Anyway, since pancakes are brown, and Domo Kun brown too, can just match them up 😛 My first time trying.

Actually packed all the stuffs into the stainless steel box for son.  But this morning, I was reminded that son’s school is going to have a game carnival, and also remembered how in the midst of the excitement, how my friend’s son forgot about his lunchbox during the Children’s Day carnival.  Last minute changed the box to the cheaper Daiso ones 😛 At least damage is minmise in case really misplaced 😛

Domo Kun Bento

Domo Kun Bento

Miffy and Friend Bento for gal

I wanted to continue trying out the pre-cut seaweeds from friend.  It has Miffy!!!

But I think Miffy will look better on a brighter background like white rice.  Seems a little dark and dull here 😦  The other one where I use the eyes and x mouth looked brighter.

Miffy and Hello Kitty Bento

Miffy and Hello Kitty Bento

And this is how the pack of pre-cut seaweeds that my friend bought from Japan looks like.   I wonder if they have other characters. 😛

Pre-cut Seaweed from Japan

Pre-cut Seaweed from Japan


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