Bento 121 : Lion King and Everything Kitty Bento

I set my alarm at 5.05am, but ignored the alarm and only work up at 5.25am!!!  But thank God for waking me up in time to prepare the bentos.

Lion King Bento For him

But actually we didn’t manage to catch the musical 😦  So sad.

Food: Bonito Flakes onigiri, hardboiled egg, nuggets, grapes, broccoli

Lion Close Up

Lion Close Up

Lion King Bento

Lion King Bento

Everything Hello Kitty Bento for her

I don’t normally put a lot of processed or frozen food, but gal requested for crabsticks. Haiz, since their meals are highly controlled, I succumbed.  BUT, I cut ONE crabstick into THREE!!!!  Giak giak giak… Evil me 😛 😛 😛

My Hello Kitty is very ugly today.  Ah gal said why the nose so big 😛 Aiya, bo bian la, I overslept.  (oops, sorry, I’m a Singaporean, so my language tends to mix in our local dialects :P)

Food : Furikake Onigiri, broccoli, grapes, crabsticks, nuggets

Hello Kitty Bento

Hello Kitty Bento


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