Bento 125 Curly-haired Girl Bento

Today’s is really anyhow do.  School routine, fire-fighting, top with housework that still goes on.  I’m also trying to discipline myself to sleep early.

Food : Pineapple fried rice for recess, Baby Bel cheese and ham for school bus.

Wanted to test out the new Foogo food jar.  Bought it  from Malaysia at half the price sold in Singapore.  Even the Gmarket price is a lot cheaper.  Wonder why are they so expensive in Singapore 😦

I must say that the Foogo’s exterior feels warm, but Sanrio’s food jar’s exterior is not.  So in this sense, I think the Sanrio’s ones are better.

To keep the cheese and ham good till go home time, I put a block of ice-pack.  (Do take note of hygiene safety.)

Curly-haired Girl Bento

Curly-haired Girl Bento


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