Bento 127 Mr and Ms Smiley

Inspiration came from the Mr and Ms series that my daughter likes  But I realised I have forgotten to add in the hands!  Gonna do it again.

Food : Onigiri with Furikake, cocktail sausage, Tobiko inside the Hello Kitty containers, and I sneaked in a few cherry tomatoes, although I know she doesn’t really like it.  Treats are Kitty choc, gift from friend 🙂

Just a note, because of the Tobiko, I put 2 ice packs inside her lunch bag.  Remember, hygiene is important.

Mr & Ms Smiley Bento

Mr & Ms Smiley Bento

Have I mentioned that I really love this Hello Kitty box with transparent cover?  Loves how the box look once covered.

Hello Kitty Lunchbox

Hello Kitty Lunchbox



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