Bento 131 Giraffe Bento

My first attempt making a giraffe!!!  A fat and short-legged giraffe 😉

Cut the butter roll for the neck, squeezed in the food cup so it won’t bulge out.  Cut out different sized circles from ham for the dots and use another cutter with a corner tip for the ear, pick for the horns, done!

Food : Hotdog butter roll bun, grapes.  Nothing for bus since I’m fetching her.  Some strawberry chocs under the grapes. 😉

Giraffe Bento



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2 responses to “Bento 131 Giraffe Bento

  1. Haha! How cute! Love the hotdog pieces for legs and the bone picks for horns.
    The grapes looks very inviting too, yum!


    • ezmum

      Hi PepperBento!!
      Sorry to miss your comment!

      Thank you so much for leaving a note here! Always happy to see fellow bento’er 🙂

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