Bento 135 Goodbye Rabbits Bento

To me, the year of the rabbits really and literally “hopped by”!!!  The year seems to zoom so fast that I felt like being pushed forward and couldn’t stop.  That’s the effect the moment our kids start formal school right? 😉

And I”m still struggling with our morning routine.  Strangely  this year, I don’t have enough time!!!!  Last year’s routine is such that I finish son’s bento just in time for him to go for his bus, and come home, and still have 30 mins to ‘dress up’ daughter’s box.

This year, son leaves home later, by the time I’m back, I will be hurrying daughter, tying her hair, and left with very little time to do her box.  Why oh why?!?!

Anyway…. today’s no deco for son again 😛  For daughter’s also very simple box.

Food : Crepe w nutella and banana, berries, cheese cubes

Goodbye Rabbit Year Bento

Goodbye Rabbit Year Bento


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