Bento 138 Little Twin Star Bento

I have been wanting to attempt Little Twin Star for a while, since son is not packing food, thought I will have the time, and finally did so today, but only one of them 🙂  Hmmm, the white dress is not appearing clearly due to the white bread 😦  It was also challenging to cut out the design out of the pink kamaboko 😦

Oh, I wanted to pack sugar for her strawberries, but couldn’t close the box after putting the container in.  Girl said she doesn’t need sugar for these strawberries! Yippee!!!!!!  So happy!! She used to need sugar for any kind of strawberries, even if they are the sweet sweet type.  Very very happy to have this breakthrough 🙂

Food : Sandwich (haiz, again, ya, she can have her fave cinnamon sugar sandwich everyday!), berries.

Little Twin Star Bento

Little Twin Star Bento


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