Bento 139 Pouty Girl Bento and Udon Soup Bento

Pouty Girl Bento for her

Planned to pack bao for my gal.  The creases on the bao reminded me of my gal’s pouty lips when she was a baby.  And so came today’s bento inspiration.  Look like her? 😛

Food : Char Siew Bao, Ba Guah (her fave), berries, Laughing Cow cheese

Pouty Girl Bento

Pouty Girl Bento

Udon Bento for him

Son’s bento is less glamorous.   😛  This morning was pretty rushed, had 3 different items to prepare!  Son’s udon for recess, gal’s bao, and Chui Kueh for breakfast!

Food : Udon Soup with broccoli and egg.  Blueberries and nuts in the yellow box for in-between class snacks.

Udon Soup Bento

Udon Soup Bento


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