Bento 143 Maki Bento

For the last few rice bentos, I noticed my daughter had not been able to complete them.  She said the sushi didn’t taste as they used to be.  I tried adjusting the quantity of the sushi vinegar, but finally realised the problem is with the vinegar brand 😦  I used to use the brand call Daisho, which was great.  Thinking that all sushi vinegar taste the same, I bought Mizkan’s for my 2nd bottles, and it was a mistake.  Finally found Daisho’s sushi vinegar, hopefully the box will come back empty again. 🙂

Box was also hastily done cause daughter’s tummy wasn’t well and she vomited in the morning :(.  Probably bloated, school called to say she is fine after another vomit episode in school.  Shall see when she is back later.

For son’s it’s beef stew with rice.  He has a long day, and I wanted to keep his bag as light as possible.  So I put the rice and stew in the food jar.  No pretty looking bento, but just practically packed into the food jar bag.

Food for her : Maki, Bak kwa, berries

Food for him (no picture) : Beef stew with rice, berries, and pineapple tarts as snack for the long day.  But the picture for the beef stew is below 🙂

Sushi Bento

Sushi Bento

Beef Stew

Beef Stew


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