Bento 145 Caterpillar Bento with Breadrolls

It’s Tuesday! I seem to be a day late to post? Actually I did make bento yesterday for son, but it was too rush, and didn’t have time to take picture.  Made mushroom pasta bentos, with veg, fruits and light snack for his bus ride home.  No bento for gal yesterday since she was still resting at home.

Today, only bento for gal.  Attempted caterpillar bento again 🙂  But I couldn’t remember if caterpillars have feelers!! lol… 😛

Food : Wholemeal sandwich rolls (breadrolls), fruits and cream cake from Penang from neighbour’s holiday that they had blessed us with 😀

Strangely nowadays, I find myself using picks less and less.  I’m just trying to keep the fruits in their maximum condition.  I’m not even plucking the grapes off the stem.  I really don’t know if it will help 😛  So I have to play with colors to make the box as enticing as possible.  Since I give them berries a lot (the few limited fruits that don’t need any forms of cutting), I offer non berries as fruits when they are home.

Caterpillar Bento with Breadrolls

Caterpillar Bento with Breadrolls


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