Bento 146 Butterfly Bento and Cold Noodle Bento

Butterfly Bento for her

The caterpillars from yesterday’s bento have grew up!!!! haha, so fast! Overnight! 😛

Food : French toast cut into flower shapes which are totally not visible :P, fruits, cream cake.

Butterfly Bento

Butterfly Bento

Cold Noodle Bento for him

Looks like today’s cold noodle is just in time for a hot day today! 😀  A very ugly and no time to think what to do box.  I’m still very very pressed for time every morning.

The box was very very squeezed up cause I put an ice pack at the bottom of the noodle. 😛

Food : Cold noodle, broccoli, fruits not in picture.

Cold Noodle Bento

Cold Noodle Bento


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