Thermal Food Jar Review

I really have no idea how did I accumulated these food jars.

It all started wotj the Tiger food jar which I bought when son was at Primary 2.  He needed to stay back for CCA.  So the first food jar was purchased so I can bring hot lunch for him before his CCA started.  And with bento making since my daughter enters Primary 1, more jars joined the family. 😛

Tips on using thermal food jars

Before I move on to the review, just a tip on how to keep food longer in thermal food jars.   If you want to pack hot food, before pouring in the food, pour in boiling water into the jar, close the lid and leave the hot water inside for about 10 mins.  After 10 mins, pour away the water and put in the food.

I shall rate the food jar according to :

Best Performance – Zojirushi

Best suited for little children who may leave their expensive food jars around 😛 – Sanrio  (I will share more about Thermos in the write-up below)

Anyway, here are the food jars I have :

All my thermal food jars

All my thermal food jars

From LHS to RHS :

Tiger (0.9L, about S$ 70+)

Plus – has a small container for garnish/condiment

Minus – Performance is average.  Non soup food like pasta is only warm after 2 hours.

Zojirushi (0.5L, sale price at S$ 60)

Plus – (1) best performance.  Son’s words “Food was still hot.” (versus “warm” for other food jars)  On one of the days, son didn’t have time to drink up the soup.  When I was washing up the jar 12 hours later, the soup was warm still!  So if son consume the food around recess time, I can imagine the soup was “piping hot” (son’s words).

(2) It has another lid that allows pressure to be released.  This can reduce/eliminate the ‘pop’ whenever we open thermal food jars.

Minus – Pretty pricey, especially since some children have the tendency to leave stuffs around without bringing them home 😦

Thermos Foogo (top, 0.29L, S$ 28), Thermos (bottom, sale price at $24.90)

Just a note about Thermos.  The food jars are a lot cheaper outside Singapore!!!  Even Korea’s Gmarket price is half off the price here!

I bought the purple Foogo jar (top) from Malaysia Jusco for about RM $64 (S$ 26), can’t really remember the exact.  However in Singapore, it cost S$ 49.90!!! 😦

Pros – If purchased at offer price or from outside Singapore, Thermos’ jars are relatively cheaper than the better performers.  Good for children to bring to school actually.

Minus – Performance is the worst.  Food was warm by recess time, which is about 4 hours after putting food in.

Sanrio My Melody (0.28L, S$ 29.90)

Not difficult to know why my daughter loves this right?  Because of this, she willingly want to pack rice to school 🙂

Just a note again.  Although on paper, the Sanrio food jar’s capacity seems lesser than Thermos, but on measuring, it can hold more than Thermos!!! Probably got to do with how the different brands measure the capacity of their food jars.

Pros – Very attractive designs, especially for little girls.

Minus – Performance is also so-so. Equivalent to Thermos.  But the performance is indicated on the box anyway.  So users already know what to expect. Nothing hidden. 🙂

Hope this review helps.



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17 responses to “Thermal Food Jar Review

  1. Liza

    Super helpd! Thank you for the review. (^_~)

  2. Can you say how well the Sanrio jar held up to cold food and liquid/saucey things? I am considering getting one to take to school with me (I’m a college student.) I would pack my food cold and warm it up at campus, but I am concerned about leakage.


    • ezmum

      Hi Ms Pris,

      I tried turning the Sanrio jar upside down. Didn’t leak.

      On cold food, the spec stated that with a starting food temp of 2.4C, after 6 hours, the temp increased to 14.1C. But I think this depends very much on your locations’s temp as well. Personally I have not used the jar to store cold food, so I can’t share base on my experience.

      • Thank you so much! I would really only need it to be cold for 4-5 hours, so this is pretty great for me. I appreciate your response, it is very helpful.

  3. Ash

    This is great advice . Really appreciate for sharing! Just womdering where did you buy the Zojirushi jar?

  4. Ash

    Awesome review. And just in time for my thermal lunch jar shopping! Just wondering where did you buy the Zojirushi jar? I’d really love to get my hands on one!!

  5. Fy

    Hi thanks for sharing. Is your Zojirushi made in japan? I see one selling in Malaysia is made in Thailand. Wonder if performance is as good.

  6. ZJ

    Thanks for this! I was looking for thermos food jar review and got here.

    Looking for a suitable food jar for my 1yo porridge and stuff 🙂 looks like I might give thermos a miss. Hahaha

  7. ZJ

    Thanks for this! Looking for a food jar for my 1yo porridge and stuff. And of course hope it lasts beyond that.

    Looks like I might skip thermos. Haha.
    Heard rave reviews abt how it can “cook” porridge in it so tot of trying..anything to make life more convenient with 2 small kids… Haha

  8. Aileen

    Hi im planning to buy a food jar to my first grader son…so which is better, thermos or zojirushi??thanks…

    • ezmum

      Hi Aileen,
      Zojirushi if you are planning to keep the food piping hot for at least 4 hours. 5 to 6 hours will still be decently hot.
      But for a first grader, who may not want the food that hot, and if he will be having the food within 4 hours, Thermos is fine.
      Basically Zojirushi retains heat a lot better than Thermos. Just my 2 cents.

  9. May

    Hi, I am planning to buy the food jar for my girl lunch in school when she need to stay for remedial class. .. Will the food be hot at 2pm? So Thermo or Zojirushi better? Thanks!

    • ezmum

      Hi May,

      If you are packing from morning 6+ am like me, I will recommend Zojirushi. Thermos can’t retain the heat for 6 hours.
      Liquid food will be hot (like porridge). But rice , pasta, etc will be reasonably warm.

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