Bento 149 Monday Bento

Why “Monday Bento”?  Sunday is my rest day when I refuse to do housework or anything much, and that includes planning or preparing for bentos.  So, bentos for Monday are usually didn’t think, didn’t plan type. Just practical boxes 😛  Probably not so much a bento with love too 😛  Honestly, didn’t do it with my heart, but did for the sake of doing, and just want to get it done with. 😛  I’m human, not a super mum.  🙂

Food for her: Sandwich and fruits 😛

Monday Bento for her

Monday Bento for her

Food for him: Udon miso soup, with broccoli, and Lap Cheong Omelette (my fave)

Monday Bento for him

Monday Bento for him

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