Bento 150 Valentine Chicks Bento and Carbonara Bento

Chicky chicks are here to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

With yellow-colored bread, it just dawned upon me to make chicks.  By the way, the bread is carrot bread from Crystal Jade Bread. 🙂  Pretty yummy actually.  The carrot taste is not distinct at all.

Oh, good news is that, after sneaking in cucumbers into the makis, my gal now like cucumbers!!! Woo hoo!!!!  Something good out of bento making 🙂

Valentine Chicks Bento for her

Food : Sandwiches, cucumbers and berries.

Valentine's Day Chicks Bento

Valentine's Day Chicks Bento

Close up of Chicks

Close up of Chicks

Carbonara Bento for him

Jamie Oliver’s Carbonara in the food jar.  But I made some changes to his recipes.  Kids don’t like peas, so I changed them to carrots/corns.  Cream is not easily accessible in my estate, as such, I use Campbell’s Chicken Cream instead.   Welcomed changes since kids find it not sooooo creamy.

Food : Carbonara, cashew nuts and berries.

Carbonara bento (inside the flask :P)

Carbonara bento (inside the flask :P)

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