Bento 151 Basketball Boy Bento and Strange Monster Bento

I think I have been neglecting son’s box and didn’t give much deco to his.  So last night, die die wanted to think of something.  Today’s theme came to mind cause he started the basketball CCA and had been enjoying it. 🙂

His “I’m so pleased” kind of smile upon seeing the bento made the effort all worth it.  🙂

Basketball Boy Bento

Food : Frozen Prata, fruits, Rocher

Basketball Boy Bento

Basketball Boy Bento

Strange Monster Bento

The bread is a Pandan and Choc Mix from Crystal Jade Bread again, and since it has a strange color, I actually planned to make a monster face.  But but but… my brain wasn’t thinking 😛  It turned out to prim and proper to be monster 😛

Food : Nutella Bread Ball, corn, Rocher, and fruits

Monster Bento

Monster Bento

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