Bento 158 鸡蛋哥哥便当 and Fa Gao Bento

发糕便当 for her

Idea came only in the morning.  I forgot to plan hers!!! 😛



Here’s what’s inside gal’s lunchbag.  Water bottle, a container for wet handkerchief, and a small met, cause gal and her classmates like to have ‘picnic’ during recess!

Inside the lunchbag

Inside the lunchbag

鸡蛋哥哥 for him

2nd night of the 鸡蛋哥哥 story book, so today, I did 鸡蛋哥哥’s mother 😛

Food : Glass Noodle ( I used the Korean type used for their Chapchae) in Miso soup, egg, chicken drumlet, veg, fruits, and Rocher.

Look plentiful ya.  It’s a long day.  Fruits are for the in between lesson snack.



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