Bento 167 : Panda Bento and Chicks Bento Again

I didn’t planned to decorate anything and initially just wanted to put food in and that’s it.  But the fingers of a bento mama got itchy the moment the boxes were in front of me.  Doesn’t matter the themes are the usual pandas and chicks, nothing creative, but it just feel good to have them done up 😛

Food today for both are homemade meatballs served Ikea style with their sauce and store bought jams, which were inside the panda and chick containers, plus mashed potato.  The sauce were in thermal food jars which are not in pictures.


Chicks Bento for her

Chicks again!!! 😛 I simply love making chicks right?  😛 Think maybe cause they are so easy to make 😛

Chicks Bento

Chicks Bento

Panda Bento for him

Pandas not nicely done 😛  Please forgive the bad handiwork 😛

Panda Bento

Panda Bento


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