Bento 172 Odie Bento

Last night, over dinner, we were chatting about Garfield and Odie.  And came today’s idea.  Love to find idea and inspiration from what we do or chat.

In case you are wondering what’s that tear drop shape thingy beside Odie, it’s one of his giant drops of saliva 😛

We simply love Oldie, isn’t it 😉

Tips : While cheese is easy to use toothpick to cut into shapes, I find that the it’s tricky to do the same for other ingredients like bread and kamaboko.  Today, I used the scissors to cut instead, and it was easy!!!  So, use the food scissors 😉

Oldie Bento

Oldie Bento

I have no time to make 2 full size Odies.  Can only do an Odie peering out for Garfield Bento for son 😛

Oldie Peering Bento

Oldie Peering Bento

Food : Sandwiches


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