Bento 173 Little Lamb Bento

Everything Cold Bento

Son has not been having appetite recently, growth spurt slowing down? Was cracking my brain on what I can pack for him.  And ‘ding!’ came the idea!  He loves Chawanmushi (Japanese steam egg), so (Tips:) I used the silicon cups as containers, and made Chawanmushi using these silicon cups.  Chilled overnight, and we have cold Chawanmushi 😀  Kind of like egg jelly?  😀  However, I’m still nervous about Daiso’s silicon cups.  Will go shop for other silicon cups for future purpose.

I put a small ice pack under the silicon cup with egg, hopefully can keep the egg cold for as long as possible.

I’m actually very happy with this idea, can foresee that I be doing the cold Chawanmushi quite a lot, especially since the hot season is approaching.

Everything Cold Bento

Everything Cold Bento

The cold chawanmushi steamed using silicon cup.

Cold Chawanmushi

Cold Chawanmushi

Food inside : Cold Soba, Cold mini milo pack, cold chawanmushi, and the lunchbag was packed with ice pack, hopefully everything will stay cold by recess 😉

Little Lamb Bento

Simple lamb bento for gal, cause I die die want to use my new picks 😛  She also love the Chawanmushi.  🙂

Food : Chicken Bun, Cold Chawanmushi, corn, strawberries

Little Lamb Bento

Little Lamb Bento




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